Sunday, 10 July 2011

Chocolate Chip Shortbread

I can't remember ever making shortbread before, as I'm not normally a fan, but I'm very proud of how well my first attempt turned out. I was inspired to make it at the weekend for two reasons - one is that I was saw by this recipe on the Baking Bar blog, and the other is that the partner had mentioned that shortbread was a particular favourite of hers.

It was dead easy to make, and due to the partner's request for plain shortbread I put about a fifth of the plain mixture in the tin before folding the chocolate chips into the rest of the mixture.

I was really pleased with the results - it is indeed rich and buttery, and had a great texture. The 3-year-old was very excited throughout the baking process, and attacked the first piece I gave him with enthusiasm. By the second piece, however, I noticed that he was just picking out the chocolate chips, and thereafter he asked for chocolate chips on their own, which was a little disappointing. The partner loved the plain version and has requested I make it again soon.

It just so happened that we were going to a picnic the next day, so I duly packed a box of the chocolate chip version (as was under strict instructions to leave all the plain at home for the partner to eat during the week) and it was a big hit - with children and adults alike. In fact I had to hide the box from one 3-year-old after I saw him reaching for a fourth piece...

Verdit - I would definitely make this again, although I might try with dark chocolate chips next time.

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