Friday, 5 June 2015


On all the many diets I have tried in my life there was always one constant theme - hunger. No matter how many vegetables I ate, and how much I tried to bulk up meals with "zero-point" food, a couple of hours after eating I would be hungry again.

I was also always hungry when I woke up in the morning. This often meant that I was unable to even have a lie-in at the weekend, as I would be woken before 8am by my protesting stomach, insisting that I go downstairs and put some breakfast in it immediately.

Now that I have been eating low carb high fat for nearly 7 weeks I am delighted to say that my hunger has almost totally disappeared and it is a revelation.  A couple of weeks ago I had to go to the dentist so didn't have breakfast.  I then had a filling and was advised not to eat until the numbness had worn off.  As a result I ate nothing at all until 2pm - and nothing bad happened.  I was a little bit hungry by about midday, but not grumpy and was still able to concentrate at work perfectly well.

I was away at a conference this week and there was no suitable food at lunch time.  Instead of panicking and eating unsuitable food in case I got hungry later, I just didn't eat lunch.  I didn't manage to get to any food I could eat until 6pm, and incredibly, I genuinely wasn't hungry during that time.  I was aware by about 3pm that I would probably appreciate some food, but it didn't feel like hunger and it certainly wasn't uncomfortable.  I also didn't overeat at dinner.

With previous eating plans I just would not have been able to go from breakfast until 6pm without being uncomfortably hungry, and when food did come along I would have eaten much more than I needed.

Also, I have now lost 10 pounds and 12cm from around my waist - without any calorie counting at all.

Long may this continue!

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