Friday, 17 July 2015

Obese to Overweight

After 12 weeks of following a low carb high fat diet I have now lost 10% of my bodyweight.  I have also reduced my BMI from 32.4 to 29.2 - this means I have moved down from the Obese category to the Overweight category.

The numbers don't really matter though.  What matters is that this week I bought a new pair of jeans and two new tops, and I chose the ones that looked good in the mirror, not the only ones in the shop that fitted.  And I feel great in them. I have also received several comments from people this week who have noticed that I have lost weight.  Although I am very definitely doing this for myself, it was still rather lovely to realise that other people have noticed and it is always good to get a compliment or two.

Two of my work colleagues have been so impressed with my weight loss so fart that they have also adopted a low carb high fat diet.  They asked me for a book recommendation, so I've advised them to buy Gary Taube's book, Why We Get Fat, as that is the one I found the most useful.  So far my colleagues have lost more than 6 pounds each, in just 2 weeks, which is brilliant.  My next plan is to move the office over to full fat milk for our tea and coffee.

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