Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Coffee Machines and Clear Spaces

We have a new coffee machine.  It's been in pride of place on our kitchen surface for a week now, and already I feel that it is worth every penny.  My partner is happy because she loves real coffee, the 5yo and 7yo are happy because they love hot chocolate, and I'm happy because even though I only drink decaf I still love a decaf latte.

I was so excited by the first latte I made that I took a photo:

Flushed with that success I moved on to making the kids a proper hot chocolate each, complete with mini marshmallows:

The other thing that is great about the coffee machine is that in order to fit it on the breakfast bar I was compelled to clear the space. I have now managed to keep that space clear for a week, with just a few second needed to clear it each time. This is a real triumph in our kitchen, as for the last few years the breakfast bar has been a general dumping ground for children's toys, unopened post, assorted pens and pencils and general detritus. Here it is now - a breakfast bar that can actually be used as such, with room for all four of us to sit and eat together.

My plan is to keep this space clear for another week, and then create another space in another room, and continue decluttering in this slow but steady way until we are finally living in a tidy house.

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