Thursday, 2 January 2014

Crochet and other things

I have made New Year's Resolutions in the past, and they have all had two things in common - almost have all related to eating less, exercising more or both and I have failed with almost all of them within a few days or weeks.  So this year it's going to be different.  I have resolved re-start my blog, and to learn to crochet.  And I'm pleased to say that on only day two I am doing pretty well.  I started with a (slightly wonky) small granny square, following a pattern from one of my many knitting magazines:

I was pretty pleased with it, especially because before yesterday I had only ever once used a crochet hook, and that was to put a simple border on a knitted blanket. It was hard to get my head around all the stitches using just 1 colour though, so I abandoned that to work on my first ever granny triangle:

To make it I followed the absolutely excellent instructions on the Attic 24 blog.  I am hoping to move on to producing a whole line of bunting.  I've got lots of remnants of wool leftover from the many knitting magazines I have bought this year, and it would be great to use them up in a practical (and pretty) way.

I've now finished my first triangle, but have yet to block it.  It's a bit wonky, and I haven't darned the ends in yet, but I like it:

I couldn't be more delighted with how quickly I was able to make something with my new skill.  Knitting took a lot longer to get started with.  I haven't given up on knitting though, and in amongst my crochet posts and baking writing I'm sure some knitting will follow.

I only discovered Lucy's blog at Christmas this year, and have been reading it avidly for the last few days - it is very inspiring and I really love her use of colour.  I can thoroughly recommend it - the home page is here.

I just showed this post to my partner who said "but you're called baking doctor and this seems to be about crochet".  This is a fair point, but I felt it would be odd to start a separate blog, so am keeping the same name.  I'll see how I get one with it, but plan to intersperse crochet with baking, knitting and book reviews over the next few months.

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