Saturday, 25 June 2011

Cherry Ripe Bars

I just couldn't resist trying this recipe from the Guardian this weekend by Dan Lepard. Cherry Ripes were one of the few chocolate offerings in Australia that I used to enjoy, so the idea of making my own version was irresistible.

And the verdict - it was a bit of a faff, and the 3-stage process meant it took an inordinately long time before I was able to try one, but they are rather good. The recipe also made plenty of them, so I was able to take several into work - where they were much appreciated.

The 3-year-old however was less impressed - he loved the chocolate topping and eventually finished the chocolate base, but rejected the filling outright. The 1-year-old wasn't allowed them, as they contain dairy, so she had to make do with some dairy-free chocolate instead.

Would I make them again? Yes, I think I would, but I would use less filling, and I think I would also use artificially coloured glace cherries, to give that pink effect that made Dan's bars look so appealing.


  1. oh they look really good!!

  2. They were good - and I've since been told by one of the work colleagues I gave them too that she re-named them 'parcels of joy' - so I think I will be making them again, if only to take into work.